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Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Week 44: All Good Things... 

Hello there and welcome back to TV Tuesday. I apologize for the long delay between the postings here. That real world and someone hijacking an account led to this. (This means I have no e-mail addresses for anyone as I lost them in the acocunt hijack. So, if you will drop me an e-mail to re-create the list, I'd appreciate it!) But we're back and we're going to try and be consistent again.

Let's get started.

May sweeps just finished, featuring a month of season and series finales. We crowned a new American Idol, found the new Survivor, said goodbye to some old friends and were left hanging about what was behind the hatch and just who Vaughn really is. (To name a few). This week, we'll take a look at the season finales...

1. OK, so tell us--which season and series finales did you watch and how would you rank them?

2. What were you top three or five season finales this year? (This can cover shows like Arrested Development and Battlestar Galactica that wrapped up their seasons before May)

3. What was the worst season or series finale this year?

4. Were there any shows that exited stage left that you will miss? Any shows that maybe should be given the axe and weren't?

As always, leave a link back to your answers in the comments section!