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Monday, September 27, 2004

Week 25 - Favorite Channels 

It's true that human's are creature of habit and we've all got our favorite shows, celebs, movies, etc, so this week we're going to examine your favorite channels! :)

1. It's off to an easy start, what's your favorite channel?

2. What shows are on your favorite channel?

3. Does your favorite channel change often or are you a loyal watcher?

~Bonus~ How much of a creature of habit are you? Do you have a daily or weekly viewing schedule? Is your TV or Cable programmed to switch channels even if you're not there? LOL

Remember to leave your link or answers in the comments!! :)

Monday, September 20, 2004

Week 24 - Spin off's 

A great show never dies, it simply spins off into new shows! LOL This week we'll take a look at the ever famous spin off syndrome!!

1. What's your favorite all time spin off? Which show did it spin off?

2. What do you consider the worst spin off ever? Why?

3. Is there a show that's ended that you wish they'd done a spin off for? Which one?

~Bonus~ If you could "end" your current life and make a spin off of it what would you call it? What would be the theme (characters new and eliminated, changes you'd make)?

Remember to leave your link or answers in the comments!! :)

Monday, September 13, 2004

Week 23 - Judge shows 

Court shows have been around a long, long time. From Judge Wapner and his bailiff Rusty to a tough little lady named Judge Judy there's been a lot of different faces and a lot of cases decided in under 30 minutes.

You're the jury this week, it's your job to see all the evidence and render a verdict!

Judge shows, what do you think?

1. Do you have a favorite judge? Least favorite?

2. If you were given the chance would you settle a court case on a judge show?

3. What's the silliest case you've ever seen on a judge show?

~Bonus~ Imagine it, you've got your own show and now you're a judge, what would your show be like?

Remember to leave your link or answers in the comments!! :)

Tuesday, September 07, 2004

Week 22 - Kid Shows 

~~Okay okay, dang is it Tuesday?! Labor Day threw me off for some reason, sorry about that!!~~

Being a stay at home aunt has been an interesting experience for me. My husband and I had been alone for years and it'd been a long time since I'd seen any kids shows. They sure aren't what I remember them being so this week we're going to see what's what in the world of kids!!

1. When you were a kid what was (or is if you're still a kid LOL) your favorite show?

2. What is the silliest kids show you've ever seen? (You can use stupidest, most outrageous, worst, etc if you prefer!)

3. If you could be any character in a kids show (past or present) who would you be? Why?

~Bonus~ This one is kind of for the adults and parents out there. Do you feel kids shows have changed for the better or worse since you were a kid?

Remember to leave your link or answers in the comments!! :)